How to Get the Cheapest Flights Possible

Learn the ultimate strategies for finding the best time to book flights. Get tips on timing, search engines, and more to score the best deals.

best time to book flights

Finding the cheapest flights can be a challenge, but with the right strategies, you can save a significant amount on your airfare. This guide will explore various tips and techniques to help you get the best deals on flights. Understanding the best time to book flights is essential, whether you’re planning a vacation or a business trip. These insights will ensure you book your flights at the most optimal prices, maximizing your savings.

Understand the Best Time to Book Flights

Timing is important when it comes to booking your flights. Airlines often adjust their prices based on demand, so knowing the best time to book flights can lead to significant savings.

Research suggests that the best time to book flights is typically 6 to 8 weeks in advance. For international flights, booking 2 to 3 months ahead can yield better prices. Additionally, mid-week bookings, particularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, tend to offer lower fares. 

Booking early isn’t the only factor. Sometimes, last-minute deals can also be found if airlines need to fill remaining seats. However, this approach is riskier and not recommended for those with fixed travel plans.

Use the best Flight Search Engines

Flight comparison search engines such as Skyscanner, Google Flights, Monomdo and Kayak, allow you to compare prices across multiple airlines. These platforms allow you to compare prices across multiple airlines and dates, making it easier to find the best deals. Google Flights, in particular, offers powerful features such as price tracking and the ability to explore destinations based on your budget.

Be Flexible with Dates and Destinations

Flexibility is key to finding cheap flights. Travel on off-peak days like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays to avoid higher fares. If possible, plan your trips during the shoulder seasons (May-June, August-September) when prices are typically lower. Additionally, consider flying to alternative airports or nearby cities, which can sometimes offer significant savings​.

Sign Up for Fare Alerts

Many travel websites and apps offer fare alerts for specific routes and dates. Sign up for services like Thrifty Traveler, The Flight Deal, and Dollar Flight Club to receive notifications about price drops and mistake fares. These alerts can help you catch great deals before they disappear​.

Take Advantage of Airline Deals and Sales

Subscribe to airline newsletters and follow them on social media to stay informed about special deals and flash sales. Airlines frequently offer exclusive discounts to their subscribers. Use credit cards that offer travel rewards or airline miles. Accumulating points through regular purchases can lead to significant savings on future flights.

Consider Budget Airlines

Budget airlines such as Southwest, Ryanair, and EasyJet offer lower fares compared to traditional carriers. Although these options might have fewer amenities, the cost savings can be significant. Watch out for extra baggage charges, choosing your seat, and other services. Budget airlines often have lower base fares but may charge extra for these amenities.

Use Incognito Mode and Split Ticketing

Airlines and travel websites often use cookies to track your search history, which can lead to price increases if they detect repeated searches for the same route. Use incognito mode or clear your browser cookies to prevent this.

Sometimes, booking two separate one-way flights or using different airlines for each leg of your journey can be cheaper than a round-trip ticket.

In conclusion

Finding the cheapest flights requires a combination of timing, flexibility, and utilizing the right tools. By understanding the best time to book flights and following the tips outlined in this guide, you can save significantly on your airfare. Remember to stay flexible with your travel plans, leverage flight search engines, and keep an eye out for airline deals.  For more travel advice and tips, visit Readiton regularly and stay connected with us on social media.

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